Customize Your WordPress Blog


WordPress is the preferred choice blogging platform for a lot of bloggers these days. The other day, WordPress celebrated their fifth birthday and they have certainly come a long way since they started out. When bloggers first download their WordPress theme, they often don’t know what to do to customize the looks of their blog […]

Get Indexed By Google – Fast

Google is the queen bee of online search engines, no questions asked. While other engines have gained good recognition, such as Yahoo or Live Search by MSN, Google is still and will most likely always be number one. The thing with Google is that unless you are indexed with them, nobody will ever know that […]

Blogging Vs. Micro Blogging

Bloggers are united around the world by a common attribute. And that is to create content for the web via their respective blogs. As you know we all have different agendas with a blog. Some of us are stay at home mums who blog just for the fun of it and yet others run a […]