WordPress 2.6 Released


WordPress 2.6 version was released yesterday a full month ahead of schedule. The new version 2.6 is called “Tyner,” named after jazz pianist McCoy Tyner and contains a number of new features that make WordPress a more powerful CMS. With WordPress 2.6 you can now track changes to every post and page and even post […]

A Cool Plugin To Change Permalinks

Blog permalinks can carry a lot of weight for bloggers in regards to search engines. What many don’t know is how to set them for maximum link juice with Google and the other search engines. So off we go, we set them one way or another only to regret this later when we become more […]

Create Free Websites With mySites


mySites is a new platform that lets you create free user sites. While we can do the same with Hubs and Squidoo, as well as with WordPress.com and Blogger.com, some web users want a different kind of model to suit their needs. mySites differs in the way where it doesn’t need any coding knowledge on […]