Ok, so you are in the market for a cash producing killer niche site? Knowing what you need to do to make this work is half the battle. The other half is made up by building your site, building links and content.

As it happens, the nature of niche sites varies greatly since there are so many platforms out there to build them with. Over the next few weeks I will gradually go into individual ones and walk you through the process of setting up niches with them.

It all starts with your research!

No kidding! This is where most people fluke out. They are too slack to do proper research and then wonder why their site doesn’t produce any traffic. For today’s idea, we will look at Blogger blogs. The beauty of Blogger blogs is that they are free. So if you are struggling to pay your way into business, then building niche sites with Blogger is a great way to get ahead.

I tell you what I did to get a massive influx of traffic coming to a new Blogger blog within hours. When I first setup my site it was back in December. I posted 10 blog posts that were highly keyword focused and haven’t touched the blog since.

See what traffic I received in the month of December 2007:

niche sites

All this traffic is from Google alone!! I repeat, all this traffic is from Google. I didn’t do any other promotion. Now let’s see how much traffic this niche site got me so far this year.

niche site traffic

Again, I haven’t updated the site since I created it and I still get around 30 unique visitors every day to that blog.

So how in the world did I do this?

Build your own killer niche with Blogger using:

Google Trends!

With Google trends you can build killer niche sites on Blogger costing you nothing but time. The secret lies in studying the trends for a week or so so get the hang of how the system works.

goolge trends

You want to capture a target market that is just about to break big news. Once it has been hot, it will not bring as much traffic and income. However, if you manage to build a blog fast before the story makes it to mainstream media, you are set to go.

The fastest way to build a niche site with Blogger:

This type of niche building requires you to be super fast, due to the topic and nature in which we build these sites. First, you will need to have an account ready with Blogger to make building your blog fast and easy.

Once you have your keyword (topic) that is about to break, go to Blogger and setup a basic blog site using your keyword in your URL, post title and post. Find as many related keywords either with WordTracker or other keyword means ASAP and use them to write 10 blog posts all on topic using keywords.

This whole episode shouldn’t take you longer than one hour! Speed is the key.

The sooner you manage to create a blog, the more traffic you will get. Given that you are using keywords smart and manage to rank very high in Google.

Monetizing your Blogger niche:

This is the hardest part in the whole deal. But due to the nature of the blogs you just keep going until you hit gold. You might have to build 5 Blogger blogs first before you manage to monetize one perfectly. Or else you hit gold right from the start.

It helps if you know your target market and what they possibly could want in an ad. Knowing this makes is somewhat easier to choose your advertising platform. Whether it be eBay, Commission Junction, Google Adsense or Clickbank, if you use one platform, stick with that only. Most niche marketers make the mistake of mixing their platforms which only drives away potential sales by diluting the whole traffic.

Do this, study, experiment and keep working at it and before you know it, you will be making money online without upfront expenses.

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