Add Interactivity to your Website with the New Meebo Bar

If you are looking to add interactivity to your website, then the new Meebo Bar may be just what you need. Allowing users to interact with each other and share files, the beta version of the bar has so many different features that really bring your site to life. Instant messaging between users, full Meebo chat and quick links to the popular networking sites Facebook and Twitter are the main features that will get your visitors engaging more with each other.

Designed to sit at the bottom on your webpage, you can choose which widgets and buttons you want on the bar. Find out more about the new Meebo Bar.

Use Evernote For Better Productivity

Evernote, the popular and growing online notebook application has finally come out of limited Beta and gone public. The reason why I call it an online notebook is simple, Evernote is a store it all application allowing users to save clips, web pages, written notes, scribbles, images, sound files and anything else you feel like collecting on your travels through cyberspace.

Similar to Google Docs you can use Evernote as a tool to share information. Beats clogging up the email inbox any day. What really impressed me with Evernote is the ability to collect and create an in dept research document on anything I plan to write on. Instead of having dozens of open tabs within my browser I can access all relevant information from the one page.

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Re-release of Nvu Video Tutorials

Quite awhile ago, I released a series of Nvu tutorials. For the life of me, I can’t find them anywhere on the blog. I realize that I’ve been moving from one script to another, but to completely ‘lose’ a set of tutorials is beyond me. So, I’ve dugged up my backup files and will re-release this tutorial series. So keep an eye out for it in the next few days.

WebBriefcase Coaching Forum Now Open to The Public

WebBriefcase Coaching ForumAs of January 1, 2008, the WebBriefcase Coaching Forum is now open to the public. You probably are unaware of this because I forgot to announce it.

I’ve been using the Coaching Forum to give customized personal assistance to VIP WebBriefcase members and find that it’s a great way to offer help.

So, if you need any help with your web building venture, please feel free to drop by.

Free 1 Week Subscription to

Need to know more about HTML? Or search engine optimization? Or maybe you’d like to learn how to build a shopping cart? How about some essential Windows XP training?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that, in association with Indesign Secrets, is offering a free 1 week subscription to the entire library of training videos. Subscription to the library is normally $25/month. The last time I looked there was over 16,654 QuickTime videos on various softwares, covering more than 250 topics.

Just hop over to for your free pass.