Top 8 Free WordPress Themes You Can Use Today

Who doesn’t like the word “free”? We all do, don’t we? While WordPress itself is free, there are thousands and thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from to set-up your website.

While paid themes come with a complete feature set and maximum customization capabilities, free WordPress themes are good enough to start with. In fact, there are plenty of bloggers who run websites based on free WordPress themes and still make money. So while free or paid themes is a matter of choice and what you actually need, there are quite a few free themes that are incredibly simple and worth taking note of.



It’s the first I listed because it’s my perennial favorite. While Arthemia also has a paid version, the free one is capable of doing most things for you to start with. This is the first theme I started experimenting with so I have a soft spot for the theme. It looks incredibly beautiful and you have the choice of running it as a blog, a magazine, or even a corporate style blog. The choice is yours.

Design Magz

Design Magz Theme

Minimalistic, white, and a simple layout are the hallmarks of the Design Magz theme, and it’s the best choice if you intend to have a lot of content published through the week. With a simple navigation bar on the top and a minimalistic use of text, video, and images, this theme makes for a good first theme for your content intensive site.


Responsive Theme

Found on the “featured” themes list of WordPress recommended free themes, it’s one of the simplest — but still loaded – “responsive” themes available for free. Responsive means that the website aligns and optimizes itself based on the device you use to access the website. With a simple homepage layout with a call to action, image, and three boxes to house content, it’s the best theme for a company-like website.

Versatility Lite

Versatility Lite Theme

If you are looking for a normal blogging theme, there are plenty of free themes to choose from. Versatility lite comes with a refreshing design, simple blog layout, space for ads (you do need this to make money from your blog, don’t you?) and a top-horizontal navigation bar. Versatility lite is a plain and simple choice for your personal blog.


Majapahit Theme

Featuring a bold box above the fold and looking like a hybrid mix of a blog and magazine, Majapahit is a good looking free WordPress theme that you can do a lot with. It features “latest posts”, “featured posts”, and it boasts of all sorts of widgets like an extended ad block, for instance. It’s a simple, multi-colored blog/magazine layout that I am sure you won’t be disappointed with.


AutosSlug Theme

Do you have a niche where you not only need to write content but also add high-quality images to go with every post? Perhaps you should consider looking at AutosSlug – an image-rich, content dependent free WordPress theme. Featuring a slider with images rolling horizontally and a tab with the most important posts displayed right above the fold, it’s a neat looking theme with plenty of potential. It doesn’t have to be about automobiles although the theme was developed with auto reviews, news, and information. It could be anything as long as you have good content and relevant images.


Hamasaki Theme

Although Hamasaki is old, it’s practical. The design bodes well for bloggers who want to make money from their blogs thanks to the ad block featured above the fold, right next to the featured post box. It has simple navigation and an easy-to-read layout. It could be a great theme for you to experiment with affiliate marketing, blogging in general, or even a magazine-like website.

Free WordPress themes can offer you only so much when it comes to design, functionality, and customization options. For a beginning blogger strapped for cash, however, they make for a great starting point. What are your favorite Free WordPress themes?


WordPress eCommerce Themes: The Very Best in 2012

WordPress ecommerce themes have made it simple for non techie folks like us to start selling products online.

Ecommerce is one of many ways that bloggers can start seeing profis from their blog.

What better way to start off an ecommerce site with a workable and elegant ecommerce theme. Here are some of our favourites.



Imagine having access to Google fonts, mega slideshow, a responsive design, built-in social media integration, and much more – all with a single WordPress ecommerce  theme? Blanco, with its simple to use admin console allows you to do all that with a few clicks. No coding, ever.

While it can be used for almost any kind of ecommerce business you might want to start, it’s a perfect fit for informational products, clothes, electronic gadgets, machine tools, etc.



If bright, happy, and contemporary styling is what you are after, Kinetico is a WordPress ecommerce theme (available from Theme forest_ will fit the bill. Arm yourself with plenty of shortcodes, a responsive layout, unlimited color customization, and a layout builder and bring out your store, the way you like it.

Kinetico WordPress ecommerce theme also comes with an Ajax contact form, social icons, Google Maps, slider manager, and full-time support.



Cherry is a brand new WordPress ecommerce theme on Theme Forest and it got my attention because, for one, it’s ravishing. It’s a responsive layout and it comes with complete customization options. Although it’s built for e-commerce, it can be used as a normal blog or a corporate website.



Restored – built to be used with the digital downloads Worpress plugin  – is an WordPress ecommerce theme built for digital downloads and is perfect for an information publishing business. It has everything you need in an ecommerce site and is built from the ground up for information products.



Mayashop is one of the most popular WordPress ecommerce themes selling on Theme Forest, and it’s popular for a reason. It utilizes the powerful Jigoshop plugin and the Woo Commerce plugins. It allows you to build gorgeous looking ecommerce sites with all the functionalities that you’d come to expect from an all-purpose ecommerce wordpress theme. It’s completely SEO optimized, boasts of unlimited colors, a boxed or stretched layout, and a responsive design.



Featured on CSS Mania and CSS Design Yorkshire, Kassyopea is an extremely good-looking and functional WordPress ecommerce theme. It has two versions: a complete e-commerce, shop type version and a corporate version. It also has ready to use FAQ template, a Javascript login form, a testimonial page, and a lot more. It loads quickly, it’s practical, and it’s irresistible.



Markup is a WordPress ecommerce theme that’s created for the no-coding type bloggers. It comes complete with Woo Commerce plugin support, options for color change, background, and typography. One unique feature for the theme is the “order now” page that makes it really simple for your customers to place orders quickly and easily.



Built with the popular WooCommerce shop plugin, Propulsion is a popular WordPress ecommerce theme that looks like a million dollars (without investing as much). It’s a responsive layout theme with predefined skins. You also get a template builder, easy to manage console and looks great for a company blog, services-related business, and for many other purposes.



Create your logo in minutes and upload it to another one of those beautiful, and minimalistic WordPress ecommerce themes I found to be extremely practical and good-looking. While the theme already comes with ready to use color options, you can customize all you want. Based on a simple, product-display style shop, it’s easy for you to build your business with the sheer simplicity of using WordPress.



WPC is a fully featured, premium WordPress ecommerce theme available from Theme Forest. I like it because it’s simple, minimalistic, and functional. Yet, it comes with all the features you need to run your ecommerce business. It seems more suitable for information publishing but you can practically sell anything using the theme thanks to advanced features such as payment integration, billing, shipping, and much more.

Boasting of extensive styling options, this simple black-and-white theme can make for a good start for your business.

What are your favorite WordPress ecommerce themes?

How to Install a WordPress Theme

One of the most popular questions by beginners is how to install a wordpress theme. WordPress has made it super easy to change the look of your blog from minimalist to classy to professional.

Although WordPress comes with a great default, sometimes you just want a different look. Installing a WordPress theme is easy.

How to Install a WordPress Theme From a Search

There are many free WordPress theme at your disposal. All you need to do is search.

  1. In your WordPress administration area, click on the Appearance menu, followed by the Themes sub menu.
  2. Then click on the Install Themes tab.
  3. If you already know the name of the theme you’d like to install, do a search for it (1). Or you can filter existing themes according to the features you are looking for (2).
  4. Look through the result of your search, pick a theme you like and click on the Install Now link under that theme.
  5. Click on Live Preview to see how the theme looks like with your content. If you like it, click on Activate.

How to Install A WordPress Theme By Uploading a Zip File

Now that you know how to install a wordpress theme using the search function, let’s go one more step. There may be times when you may need a theme that has special functions. Premium themes, as they are called, normally require you to upload the theme as a zip file to your WordPress install.

All you need to do is, click on the Upload link when you’re on the Install Themes tab.

Then just browse to the theme zip file on your computer and click on the Install Now button.

Then do a Live Preview like before and if you’re happy with what you see, Activate it.

And you’re done :)

ShopperPress Coupon

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WordPress Ecommerce Theme – ShopperPress Review

There are two different ways you can turn your WordPress site into an ecommerce site. First is to use an ecommerce plugin and the second, which I will cover in this post, is to use a WordPress ecommerce theme. If you don’t already have a unique theme for your WordPress site, using a WordPress ecommerce theme is one the fastest ways to turn your site into an online store: both in looks and functionality.

Although there are several WordPress ecommerce themes out there today, there’s one that I keep turning to when building online stores and that’s ShopperPress.

What Is ShopperPress?

ShopperPress is a premium theme developed by Mark Fail. And I must admit, this is one of my favourites. Adding ecommerce capabilities to your WordPress site does not come any easier than this.

ShopperPress comes in various modes. You can use it as a normal shopping cart system or you can choose from one of its other modes:

  • download website (credit system) – customers have to purchase credit packages in order to download your digital products.
  • download  website (instant download) – this is where you only sell digital products like ebooks or softwares that can be downloaded immediately after a successful purchase.
  • catalogue – this merely showcases your products without any option to buy.
  • amazon – no products, no problem. Just use this mode and build your own ecommerce store selling Amazon products.

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