promotion exit strategy Promotions are to businesses what air is to us humans. We need it to survive and make money. But not every promotion is based on what we do. Ideally it is word of mouth where other people do the hard work for us.

This where we all want to be, whether we work online or offline. So why would I write about an exit strategy for a business promotion you might wonder?

It’s simple, you don’t want this to be real, but more so in imaginary terms, meaning that other people do all the hard work for you. This is where every business owner would love to be and with a little preparation we can actually get much closer to this reality.

To see what is needed to use your own promotion exit strategy, read on.

Customer service

In an age when customer service is less frequent it makes all the more sense to stand out from other business proprietors in your market by providing top quality customer service.

Many people make the mistake to believe that this is directly related to spending a lot of money but I digress. You can provide great service with going the extra mile and making your customer feel appreciated and special.

Give more than is expected

How would you feel if you employed a company to install new windows in your home only to find they actually went the extra mile to clean them too before finishing the job? I’m sure you would feel pretty special.

It isn’t hard for us to do the same. We can all find ways in which we give more to our clients without busting the budget or even spend hours of extra time.

Often the small, unexpected gestures are way more appreciated than big corporate gifts.

In the end, it is always the thought that counts and no price tag can match this.

Stay competitive

Despite your edge to give more than is expected, you need to stay in touch with market trends and what the competition is up to. Only then can you beat them hands down and provide better service.

Competition doesn’t have to be nasty either. In fact I disagree with trying to hurt each other. I actually encourage connecting with a competitor and offering a JV partnership. It could be beneficial for both parties.


This is why it is so important to network with other people in the industry. The more people know about you and your business, the easier it will be for you to be promoted naturally by word of mouth – especially if your service/product is in demand.

Know thy market

Getting off on the wrong foot is disastrous for businesses. It starts with your research. If you chase the wrong dream, nothing will happen of it and valuable time and resources will be wasted in the process.

Exude confidence

Remember, you are in business because you have something to offer. This makes you the professional – the expert. Act it.

The extra mile

Whatever you can do to make the life of your customers a little bit easier, do it. You will see it pay off handsomely in many ways. Best of all, you might just have to use you promotion exit strategy.

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