PassPack is an online password manager that allows you to store all your login details in one convenient place. Tools like these are definitely very useful for any webmaster since with a growing business comes more and more scribbled notes of paper that contain passwords, login details and lists.


With a true one click login you can now easily save time every day when you login to your applications such as websites, blogs, social networking sites, membership sites and more.

Ideas on how to use PassPack

Here are some ideas taken from the PassPack website and how you can use their service to help you get organized.

On the Internet: Organize your logins with the help of tags, use auto login for websites, note what name and email address you used, note which open ID you used, save logins and passwords

General: Use it for your bills and organize them with tags, note down client numbers, links to websites, airline information, credit card hot lines, passport numbers, codes, contacts and much more.

The only thing you shouldn’t use PassPack for is for recording sensitive financial information.

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PassPack Security

PassPack endorses a very strong security code of practice. They use Data Packing which encrypts your data on the fly before it leaves your computer to be stored on the server of PassPack.

Even their own staff can’t read your information. They use US government approved AES algorithms which is used for classified information. This will only allow you to decrypt the info via your own secret Packing Key.

Your Packing Key will also never get sent or saved on their server and as far as the world outside your browser is concerned, your Packing Key is a complete mystery. Nobody can read your data without it.

Check out some of the features:

  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Disposable Logins
  • Scrambled Password Field
  • Offline Version (optional)
  • Password quality tester
  • Make personal backups
  • Strong password generator
  • Double Access login technique
  • Locks up when unattended
  • US Gov’t approved encryption

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PassPack really looks like a valuable option for many people. If their statements are anything to go by, their service could be a huge time saver for stressed and busy webmasters and others.

You can sign up for free and store up to 100 entries at this stage. There will also be a paid version later on and as long as you keep your account active it will always be there for you.

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