Inserting YouTube videos is still a huge issue for some bloggers and hopefully after reading this you will know exactly what to do. To start off, you will need to know which video you want to showcase before you can go to the next step. To find an applicable video, go to YouTube and search for a keyword to bring up related videos.

youtube search

With the popularity of videos on blogs, more and more bloggers will want to take part in this trend and if you knew how easy it really was, you would be laughing right now.

Once you clicked on “search”, choose an appropriate video by clicking on it. This will get you to the actual video page on which you’ll find the code to use on your blog.

To the right of the video screen you’ll find a small box that looks like the image below.

youtube code

Where the red arrow points is where the code is for your blog. Once you click on it, it will be highlighted in blue and that allows you to copy the code to your clipboard (figuratively speaking).

See what I mean on the next screen shot:

youtube copy code

Once you got the code copied, go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on profile.

Make sure you un-tick the little box next to the visual editor and save changes before you insert any YouTube code or anytime you make changes as this little tick is the cause of all evil when things go wrong.

Now you can click on write – new post and go to the code version. All you have left to do is simply paste the YouTube code into your editor (in the code version only!) and then hit publish if you are happy with everything.

Perhaps you want to add some text too which you can easily do above or below the YouTube video code.

Once your video is published and you are satisfied it looks ok, go back to your profile and re-tick the visual editor box.

That’s it, it really was that easy and now you can go and post YouTube videos like there is no tomorrow on your blog.


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