WordPress is a super cool sales agent. Provided you use the right tools, the software can work for you on autopilot while you sleep. Who wouldn’t want to have a slam-dunk recipe of making sales while lounging on a tropical sandy beach, somewhere where the sun shines on to eternity?…

…OK, the last bit was a little over the top, but I’m sure you get the picture. Fact is that WordPress is not just a kick-ass CMS platform. It’s much more than that. Thanks to some very crafty designers WordPress has now moved into the next stage of online marketing because of its ability to be used as a sales page.

Provided you use the correct theme you can create your own sales page without needing to touch messy code. This is great news for Internet marketers with all kinds of budgets. Paying to get a proper sales page coded can set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. If you have a knack for copywriting then this is another cost you can save.

Granted, not everyone is a gifted copywriter. It takes years of experience and a knack for high-response writing to be able to churn out hard-hitting copy that converts into sales. Depending on your market, you could forgo the cost of hiring a professional and do it all yourself. Be warned though; if your copy is like chloroform-induced sleep no one will buy.

WordPress themes and plugins that slam-dunk your sales page

Thesis: Thesis is indisputably one of the best WordPress themes on the market right now. The sheer flexibility, and choice of user options makes these a favorite in the market. Thesis also functions as a sales page template. Learn how.

FlexSqueeze: In my humble eyes this theme is one of the sexier options as a sales page template. Find out why FlexSqueeze can double as a blog+sales page combo, or go the full Monty with the works.

WP Salesletter Theme: This theme looks like a bare-bone version to give freebie seekers the joy of having a sales page template without the cost associated with the more upmarket themes. You can it here.

Easy WP Sales Pages: I have never used the Easy WP Sales Pages product myself, but it looks simple enough to use. It seems there are various inbuilt design options to make the process of launching a sales page child’s play – literally. For a measly $27 you can’t really complain now, can you?

WordPress PPC: This is a minimalist WP sales page theme that can be had for $47. Designed by Jesus himself, no kidding, the guy’s name is Jesus Perez (a designer), the theme comes ready with several design options.

WP Spire: WP Spire is for the more serious marketers out there. It does cost a little more than the themes mentioned above, but seems to have more design and layout options too. You can check it out for yourself. There is also a rather busy and interesting comment section at the bottom of that page.

WP Squeezepage Generator Plugin: This nifty plugin costs only $47 and has the power to do so much good. It is incompatible with the FlexSqueeze theme according to the small print on their site, keep this in mind before you buy. From all the options above, this one got my tick of approval. I found it to be easy to use and quick to install and configure based on the description.

There you go, that about wraps up the slam-dunk WordPress “how to” of sales pages. With the above selection you now have the power of true marketing on your fingers. What you make of it is up to you.

Rock on!

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