If you are a webmaster and a data geek you will love Chart Gizmo. This totally free application will allow you to insert charts into your site. Charts a great to help visualization and trying to bring your message across more powerful.

chart gizmo

There are so many ways to design charts and with Chart Gizmo you can do it three ways. You have the option of creating:

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Line Charts

Sign up is easy and super fast and within one minute you can get creative with your own chart. This is the view within your admin before you create a new chart.

chart gizmo start

Once you click the New Chart button you will be presented with a designer. In the pull down menu you can choose either of the three chart models and then go about designing your chart.

chart gizmo designer

Once you are happy with your chart design click Get Code and you will be presented with options to either get a dynamic code, a capture code or a static one.

chart gizmo code

The following is my brand new chart. It doesn’t actually make sense in regards to the figures and names. I just made this up for the purpose of showing it to you. It took me all but 5 minutes to get this code onto my blog.

Chart Gizmo Features

While Chart Gizmo is easy to use, it does have several features making it quite a useful application.

  • ChartGizmo is absolutely free
  • Three diagram types: pie, bar, line
  • Easily update and modify charts
  • All chart settings is customizable
  • Different sources of data: static data, dynamic data from JavaScript code, dynamic data from html table on the page
  • Import data from Excel
  • Unicode Support: Supports charts with values in Japanese, Chinese and other Unicode languages.

The developers of this app are already looking to further improve Chart Gizmo. Future releases will include more options, more diagram types and data accumulation as well as data collection.

I’d say it is a good tool to have book marked for later uses since most of us could do with cool looking charts every now and then.

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