make money with google Have you ever wished you could make money absolutely free, without spending a cent. As a matter of fact, you can and I’m going to show you exactly how that is possible. Best of all, you can do it with the help of Google.

The whole process involves action steps. You will need to follow these if you want the highest chances of success.

Disclaimer: While I know people who do earn money with this method, I cannot guarantee you how much you will earn. Realistically speaking, you probably need to launch 10 blogs to make a considerable amount per day. I think it is realistic to $5 per blog per day once the traffic is there and the motions are picking up. This will also depend on the topic, but let’s not rush things – I’ll get to that soon.

1.) Spend one week and get familiar with Google Trends

Google trends will be the vehicle to make this happen and the sooner you familiarize yourself with the site and the topics, the better your money making process will be.

You can sign up to the Trend feed and read them in your RSS reader. But I caution you to actually visit the Trend site and click on the links, study what is hot and why and what is not so hot and could be.

The more time you invest into this step, the more insightful knowledge you will gain.

Tip: Google Trend updates every hour on the hour. Use this to your advantage.

2.) Sign up with

Head over to and sign up for a free blog. By know you should have made up your mind whether you will use the blog to blog on all Google Trend topics willy-nilly, or narrow your choices to a certain sector like NBA for example.

While narrowing your choice might leave you with less content choices, it could pay more in Adsense clicks (don’t worry, we’ll get to that).

Setup the blog so that it looks presentable but don’t waste time to make it pretty. At this stage you want to move on ASAP.

3.) Sign up with Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free traffic stat program. Once you are signed up, you can grab the tracking code for your new blog and insert it into your blog’s HTML.

This is essential for you to track what works and what doesn’t. It will save you a lot of time and possible scenarios.

4.) Sign up with Google Adsense

Again, Adsense is free. Once you have a Google account (which you already do if you followed along the steps), you can sign up quick and easy. Once you are approved you can choose an Adsense widget from within your blogger blog admin and place it on your blog.

At this stage though I want you to wait with that. First move to the next step. We will get back to Adsense later.

5.) Start blogging on Google Trends hot topics

Now is the time to get active, just do a quick check whether you have the following:

  • Google Analytics code installed on your blog
  • Google Adsense approved

Start blogging. Ideally you want to blog at least 3-5 posts every single day. Space them out and always use Google trends as guideline for hot of the moment information.

Doing this will do two things for you:

  1. You will get better and able to sniff out what works
  2. You will increase your traffic tenfold.

It isn’t uncommon to have 1,000 + unique visitors per day to a Trend blog. If you get more, even merrier. Continue to do this for 2 weeks minimum before you insert your Google Adsense widget.

By then your blog will be well and truly indexed and it’s time to make money.

Secret Tip: You don’t have to write 500 word long posts to do this. You are much better off to keep it short but informative while staying on topic. It doesn’t matter what tone of voice you are using as long as you incorporate appropriate keywords.

Once you are familiar and organized with your blog, start another one, using the same methods.

Also, once a week you want to keep checking your stats via Google Analytics. If something doesn’t work, later the content a little, or the posting frequency. Before you know it, you will have one or several blogs that will continue to pay you as long as you post.

Questions? Please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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