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Learn How To Create Your Own Hot Selling Online Program & Start Bringing In Passive Income

If you're still struggling to grow your income by trading time for money, listen up...

There's no escaping that the bulk of your income is probably made from trading hours for dollars. The same is true for nearly all coaches, in any specialty. That's just how the industry works, after all. But that doesn't mean it's not frustrating, right?

You've probably bumped up against an income ceiling you didn't like, or suffered with a serious income drop every time you wanted to take a vacation. Again, that's often seen as just the nature of the business.

Unfortunately, in this business, it also means...

Increasing Your Income As A Coach Often Comes Down To Two Choices.

  • Working more is really only an option in the short term. You might be able to pull off a few weeks or even months of nose-to-the-grindstone work, but eventually, you'll hit a wall. Everyone does.
  • You could raise your rates. In fact, you're probably due for an increase right now, but that will only take you so far, too. Your market has a limit, and once you reach it, there will be no more hourly rate increases, until you reach super-star status that is.

But don't despair, there is another way...

Passive Income Streams Make It Possible For You To Earn More While Working Less

Now before you click off the page thinking that passive income is just some hype dreamed up by Internet marketers to sell more courses, consider this:

The real definition of passive income is not money you don't work for, but money you work for once, and get paid over and over again.

For example, when you write an ebook, you work really hard on it for weeks or maybe months, but once it's complete, those sales that come in are "passive." Put that way, I think you'll agree that passive income is an option no matter what industry you're in.

The only question is, then, how can you put this powerful income generating strategy to work in YOUR business? And here's where a lot of coaches get it wrong...

Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time

We've all seen the coach or infopreneur who seems to have dozens of products available all the time. It's a confusing mish-mash of options that - rather than increasing sales - actually dilutes the overall message.

You don't have to have lots of options. You just need one. Your signature product. In this case, your online program.

This is the key to your passive income dreams. It's what will grow your audience, increase your market share, and increase your profit margin.

And it will do it all without you having to work a gazillion hours continually producing more and more products.

How to Create Your Signature Online Program & Start Cashing in on Those Passive Income Dreams

In this course, we've taken the guesswork out of planning, producing, and launching your own online program.

We'll take you from confused coach to crystal clear action taker in just a few short hours, so you can put together a solid offer that your ideal client will simply not be able to resist.

When you finally learn what your clients want and need (and most importantly, what they'll pay for) you'll be well on your way to realizing your income goals.

What Exactly Will You Learn In This Course

We are going to breakdown the process of setting up your successful program into four stages: Preparation, Presentation, Production and Promotion.

Stage 1: Preparation

It all starts with Stage 1, where we'll lay the groundwork and help you figure out exactly what your online program will be about. In this “preparation” stage you will make important decisions regarding your program such as market selection, your target audience, choosing a theme or topic and giving your program a suitable name. You'll also determine a delivery schedule, as well as the duration and the cost of your online program.

Stage 2: Presentation

Now that you've got your new program mapped out - if only in your head - it's time to get to work actually creating it. Don't worry though, this will be quicker than you thought possible! In stage 2, you will learn how to setup the building block of your online program website. You will learn how to structure the visual appearance of your sales process: domain registration, website hosting, creating a salespage & providing access to your site.

Stage 3: Production

Your signature online program is going to be the thing you become known for, but it doesn't have to take weeks or months to create if you follow the steps in Stage 3. Using our 5-step formula you'll learn how brainstorm and W.R.I.T.E. your content quickly. You'll also learn how to craft your first lesson to drive up member interest and how to blow away average retention and  "force" them to stay on to the end of your program.

Stage 4: Promotion

Finally, in the “promotion” stage you will begin getting the word out about your new online program and attracting your initial members, as well as developing an ongoing marketing presence to continually funnel in new members. You'll be taken through two quick ways to start getting traffic to your online program, plus the top three promotion strategies you should focus on. You'll also get a checklist of 20 steps you can use to make your launch a success.

Don't Let The Scope Of The Project Overwhelm You

The truth is, once you've created your online program, that income ceiling you keep bumping up against will be gone. You'll find more freedom in your business. You might even rediscover the joy you once found in helping others.

And you can do it all quickly and easily with this course as your guide.

Stop limiting your income to those one-on-one clients. Use the tools and techniques you'll find in this course to guide you in developing your own signature online program - and the income boost that goes along with it!

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