Exit Splash is a pretty groovy software I came across not so long ago. You might already be familiar with it as it seems to pop up on websites and blogs across the web. Here is the thing though, you can use this nifty bit of code to increase your traffic conversions tenfold and much more.

What does Exit Splash do?

Exit Splash is a highly customisable code generator that lets you survey your website traffic, why your visitors are leaving, and much more. You can just about personalize this software with free gifts and downloads of your choice in return for valuable insights.

You can basically use Exit Splash to generate code for:

  • Building a list
  • Getting more Twitter followers
  • Increasing your Adwords conversions
  • Getting more from your Adsense traffic
  • Surveying your traffic
  • Affiliate arbitrage
  • and much more

WordPress bloggers can benefit from this software too

If you are a blogger with your own WordPress site then you can also benefit from Exit Splash. You can increase your opt-ins to your newsletter, build RSS subscribers, or even sell more of your products and services.

The success of using this software is only guided by your imagination.

Bonus customizable ad bar

When you buy Exit Splash (yes, it does cost money) you get to use a bonus option that lets you customize your site’s top area with a specific ad bar. Just imagine how much you could do with this little piece of online real estate. Since most website visitors start reading a site from top to bottom your ad will be seen by just about anyone, increasing your conversions.

What sort of conversions can you expect?

That depends on your site, your product, or your services. Judging by the sales page of the Exit Splash site you can expect to see some good conversions. Some of the testers have seen great increases in sales, or opt-ins to their list.

Imagine what you could do with this code to build your social networking followers?

I am definitely going to get my hands on this software and test it to increase my Adsense conversions.

Can newcomers use this?

I believe you can. Exit Splash comes with a range of tutorials that should make it easy even for the layman (or woman) to set this up without too many issues.

If you are already using this software on your site, please tell us how it is going for you. I’d love to hear from you.

You can learn more about this software by visiting www.exitsplash.com (not an affiliate link)



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