For those of you who are still unfamiliar with RSS feeds and what they are, I have collected a couple of good tutorials to explain the whole system.

Once you have gotten the hang of it, it really is very easy to subscribe to your favourite blogs and keep in touch with updates without having to visit the actual blog at all.

While this saves us a huge amount of time,some might say that it can also be a negative for less trafficked blogs as there will be less likely occurrences of frequent comments on the actual blog which can be a bit of a downfall. However, having said that, I haven’t had any negative experience in that regard at all.

I also still visit the posts I love to make sure I comment on. After all, blogging is like belonging to a huge community of like minded people and to be part of it we have to take action.

In the past I used another application to read my RSS feeds but last week I finally made the switch to Google reader. It was easier than I thought. All I had to do was export an OPML file from my old reader and save it on my computer.

Then after signing up with Google reader I clicked on the Settings Tab and imported the file.

google reader

That was it. Instant transfer of my RSS feeds. What I particularly like about Google reader is the ability to keep feeds fresh, meaning if you don’t mark them as read they will keep showing as new. This is great for posts you want to get back to at a later stage without forgetting and having to make extra notes.

google reader read

Google reader also allows you to share your favourite posts or blogs with your friends from Google Talk and Gmail Chat. It’s just a whole lot more interactive than other RSS feed readers are.

You can sort your feeds by either the newest or the o0ldest, however you prefer. It is also easy to unsubscribe or subscribe to any feed with a single click of your mouse. (Ok, a couple of clicks).

Another cool feature is the list view. If you click on List View in the top right hand corner of your reader, you will see a massive list of all the latest posts from a particular blog.

The dark black fat listings are those I haven’t read yet which makes it easy to keep track of what I missed out on.

google reader list view

I can only recommend Google reader to anybody who wants to stay in touch with their favourite blogs. Did I mention it is free?

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