Stumble Upon is perhaps the best social networking site to send you a host of traffic every month. The heavy stumblers have a few pet hates however and it is time for you to find out. But before we get into this, lets take a closer look at Stumble Upon and how it works.

Before you can become an active stumbler, you have to download the free software from Stumble Upon. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy. Once you have the software downloaded it will ask you to install it and install a toolbar into your browser. To use Stumble Upon you will need this toolbar. It looks like the following image.

stumble upon

You will choose a user name and a password and this will be your online stumble profile. If you want to brand yourself, I suggest you use your own name, especially if you intend to become very active on Stumble Upon.

Once you login you can go about setting up your profile. I suggest you use a relevant image, and also insert your blog address somewhere in your profile as this will increase the amount of visits you’ll get.

stumble upon profile

atumble upon select topics Once others view your stumble page (your profile on Stumble Upon) they will see how many pages you stumbled, reviews you have had about your own blog, how many fans/friends you have and more.

To stumble another page you can either:

A) click on the stumble button in the top image on the very left, or you can

B) click on the thumbs up icon next to it.

The different of the two is the first one will stumble posts that are related to the topic you have chosen via the pull down menu under “all” in the Stumble Upon toolbar. You will still have to click thumbs up or thumbs down for the vote to be counted.

To further make your vote strong, you can also write review by clicking the icon indicated in the image below after you voted with your thumbs up.

stumble upon vote

Doing this will give the particular post, site, photo, video you vote on a new review. You will see a new window pop up and if you are the first one to review you’ll have to fill out a box of info with a small excerpt or your own description of the post as well as choose a suitable “category”.

If you are not the first one to review, just see what others have said to get a good feeling what is needed.

Stumble Upon also allows users who have accepted each others as friends to send messages. You will need to accept a fan to be your friend which can be done via your Stumble Upon admin page.

atumble upon admin

The best way to really learn Stumble Upon, is to use it often and become a respected community member.

Before I finish this post, I wanted to warn you off a few pet hates of power stumblers. These are the folks who have huge influence on Stumble Upon because they are very active and have a huge network of stumbling friends.

  • Don’t stumble your posts until you have stumbled many others before (best is to leave stumbling your posts to the others altogether)
  • Don’t stumble too many make money online posts as these are quite hated on Stumble Upon.
  • Try to stumble a mixture of images, videos and posts as well as normal websites to show that you are savvy.
  • don’t pester stumbler’s with thank you for your stumble notes.
  • don’t spam the message system on Stumble Upon. As a matter of fact only use it if you really have to.

That’s it, this will get you going as a stumbler and if you use it correctly with integrity you will see a boost of traffic.

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