Have you ever wondered whether there is a make money code? A secret formula that helps certain marketers to fill their pockets over and over again, while others try and keep failing.

making money

Most people do. They would give everything to have the secret formula to success – the key to riches. The answer to all financial problems. However, this isn’t quit as straight forward as you might think.

Making money online is possible for you if you follow some simple logic. For starters, you won’t get paid for watching TV, instead of building links. You also won’t be paid for setting up a blog and then just leave it to rot.

Successful marketers know that it takes actual and ongoing work to earn a decent online income. Yes, it will get easier with time and yes, you can work less hours eventually, but only if you setup your system to pay you residual income, regardless whether you work today or not.

I’m afraid, there is no secret code that will get you paid. Instead you will need to focus on those sites of yours and keep building them until they make you money. Once they do optimize them for traffic and move on to the next site.

The following attributes will help you to do this:

  • Stay focused
  • Never stop learning
  • Work
  • Don’t expect miracles
  • Build those links
  • Don’t waste time
  • Build – rinse – repeat
  • Focus
  • Re-invest to grow your business

If you remember that every successful business person has been where you are now, it will make things a little easier for you to digest. Wonders don’t happen in the online world – only hard work and link building.

While many choose to watch the latest episode of the Simpson every night, I’m working my business. It is the difference between business building and just having a business as a hobby.

In the end it is your choice alone what you choose to do. You can either choose success and give it your best, or you can keep finding excuses and let yourself be distracted.

Alternatively, if you like to be lead by real people with real hearts who care about your success more than they care about their profits, follow the link above or click on the picture. The BETA of the Affiliate Academy has now launched and it could be your ticket to finally making money online.

Note: I’m also one of the staff at the Academy, meaning I will be there to help you and guide you. The maker of this system calls it paying it forward and I know him well enough to know that he really means this. He is actually losing money through this site as it cost him way more to build than concentrate on his business instead.

Either way, you will be in good hands, that’s for sure. I look forward to seeing you around.

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