If you do a quick search on Google for the term “WordPress themes”, you’ll get close to 20 million results. And that’s with quotes around the phrase. For a normal WordPress blogger, that would be enough to cause a dilemma in choosing an appropriate theme to use.

Fortunately for us, we internet marketers have rather specific needs when it comes to a WordPress theme. Or a website, for that matter.

  • We need it to be search engine friendly so that we can attract as much free search engine traffic as we can from keyword rich posts.
  • We want the ability to create squeeze pages so that we can collect names and emails to build that list.
  • We want an easy way to build review sites so that we can presell our affilite products and maximize our conversions.

And on top of that, we need it

  • to look good enough for people to take our site seriously.
  • and to have enough design choices to tailor the design to the topic of our site.

Oh and let’s not forget that we want to be able to do all that with a click of a button… of course.

So, that should cut down our choices by several millions. In fact, I’ve yet to find a theme that does all that. But I’ve come across three that comes close.

Thesis – The SEO Friendly Theme

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you would have heard me twit in excitement about how WebBriefcase is now powered by Thesis. Ever since I switched to the Thesis theme, one of my site has jumped from the bottom of the 7th page of the search results for its main keyword to the first place on the second page. And another one of my site has jumped from the bottom of the 9th page to the middle of the 4th page. Though I cannot prove that this was a result of switching to the Thesis theme, it IS quite a coincidence, don’t you think.

The thing with Thesis though is that it isn’t very visually appealing. So, unless you’re not bothered with the rather simplistic default look, you will want to tweak it a bit to look “nicer”. Though relatively easy to do, if you have some graphics skills, it is still rather cumbersome especially if, like many internet marketers, you run more than one WordPress blog in more than one niche. And thus, I present the next two themes.

Affiliate Theme – The Review Sites and Landing Page Theme

Affiliate Theme

The Affiliate Theme is designed in a such a way that will make creating affiliate sites actually a pleasant experience. It is a literally “click, click and click and you’re done” theme. And if you sign up for the Super Affiliate Package you get an additional 40 niche header graphics with access to more each month. The Affiliate Theme is also ideal if you’re targeting different landing pages with your Adwords campaign.

Though not as powerful as Thesis, the Affiliate Theme is definitely an easier and faster option if you’re planning on building several affiliate sites.

FlexSqueeze – The Squeeze Page Salesletter Theme

If you’re marketing your own products, chances are you need a squeeze page and a salespage. A great theme for building both is FlexSqueeze. This theme is, however, not as click, click as the Affiliate Theme. The admin area for this theme is a bit more overwhelming than the other two. It also requires several more steps to finetune your sales page or squeeze page but the result is something that you would never be able to achieve otherwise without any graphics skill. FlexSqueeze also comes with several squeeze page templates to jumpstart the process and several hundreds of salespage graphics to spice up your webpage.

My Recommendation

I believe that the Thesis theme is the best way to go IF you are comfortable messing around with some code because that’s where the power of the Thesis theme lies. With it’s custom functions, you can easily upgrade your theme without losing any changes that you made to it. There’s so much to say about the Thesis theme, so I’ll leave it to another post. I would use it for my main site. In fact, I am.

The Affiliate Theme is ideal if you are not comfortable with code and have graphics skill that is not worth mentioning. This theme will help you build your affiliate sites the fastest with the least hassle. It’s best used to build review sites.

And finally, if you’re more interested in creating salespages and squeeze pages, you should seriously consider FlexSqueeze.

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